Student Information and Classification

Domestic Students:

This criteria applies even if you have completed your schooling outside Australia.

You are considered a local/domestic student if you are:

  • A citizen of Australia
  • A citizen of New Zealand
  • A dual citizen of Australia and any other country
  • A Permanent Resident of Australia or
  • On a Permanent Humanitarian Visa.

Dual citizenship:

If you have Australian or New Zealand citizenship and citizenship of another country, you are considered to be a local student – even if you completed your schooling outside Australia.

What does ‘Commonwealth’ supported mean?

‘Commonwealth supported’ means the cost of your study is shared between the Australian Government and you. Commonwealth-supported places are only available to students who are:

  • Australian citizens
  • New Zealand citizens studying in Australia or
  • permanent residents

and are enrolled in one of the following course types:

  • an undergraduate course
  • a graduate entry bachelor degree or
  • a postgraduate course for which the University has allocated you a Commonwealth-supported place.

Australian citizens and Permanent Humanitarian Visa holders are only eligible to be commonwealth-supported for courses where at least one topic of the course is held in Australia.

New Zealand citizens and permanent residents of Australia are only eligible to be commonwealth-supported for individual topics that are held entirely in Australia, unless you are required to study outside of Australia to complete that topic.

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